The Spiral Collections

In my workshop designing started with the inspiration from the eternal spiral and opened for The Spiral Collections 

Gold spiral necklace with rough diamonds

18k gold spiral necklace – giraffe love and affection

18 k gold necklace, spiral links with rough natural color diamonds.

The spiral collections were inspired by thoughts of the eternal spiral, the ever upward movement towards new levels of consciousness.

The first challenge was to make the small rings, that was one firm piece and would not be torn apart as in its original form. Through experiments I found that heat would make two or three layers of rings melt together to one firm ring that could be used as links in necklaces and bracelets – I also quickly found out that too much heat would make a ball of gold rather than the ring, I desired.

Once I hit the success of making the small gold rings, I made many and transformed them into bracelets and necklaces, some in pure gold, some with rough diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

18 k gold spiral necklace

18 k gold necklace, spiral links with rough diamonds

You can see more from the collections here

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So Much New To Yell You…

…obviously!! from not having blogged for too many months! My company has become certified with Alliance for Responsible Mining, since the Fairtrade & Fairmined standard was split up last year, with now seeing two independent certification schemes on precious metals


Fairmined gold and silver

Alliiance for Responsible Mining – Fairmined standard



Fairtrade certified logos for gold and silver

The Fairtrade gold logo and The Fairtrade silver logo

For the present I have decided to support both schemes, since this is still a new start and I believe that the work to be done is equally important for both certification schemes, both being born out of the same standards. My certification with ARM was announced by a press release at the beginning of December 2013 – you can follow this link to read the release on ARM’s website. The press release was accompanied by a photo of these rings in Fairmined certified gold and silver.

Fairtrade and Fairmined gold and silver rings

A Touch of Eternity – referring to the raw materials of fair trade and fairmined origin

The rings can also be found on my website by following this link for the gold ring and this link for the silver ring. More news to follow soon – have a blessed and great weekend full of love and fun!

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Exchanging true values with Ethical Metalsmiths


Today was a very special day: Christina Miller of Ethical Metalsmiths, Ohio, paid me a visit together with her wonderful family, and we had a chance to talk about the topic that is of great interest to both of us: Fairtrade and Fairmined precious metals – what we can do to help the artisanal miners to a better future where Fairtrade gold and Fairmined gold is not the exception but the rule.


Autumn colors and birds on the lake

The beauty of birds on the lake

While Christina’s husband took their 18 months old son for a walk in the garden and down to the lake to talk to the ducks, Christina and I talked about the difficulties for the miners, especially the miners of Oro Verde, Choco, Colombia, who are threatened by internal differencies as how to mine and also by violent illegal mining groups from the outside who want to take over the land because of its richness in gold. It was shocking to hear Christina relate the stories of how some of the miner’s relatives are kidnapped to put a pressure on the groups of mining families and try to get them out of the area.

Oro Verde, Colombia - Fairtrade & Fairmined Ecological Gold

Gold miners at one of the Oro Verde mines, Colombia – Photo: Ronald Hommel

What are the standards that set metals above human lives?

Think about the power you have as a consumer and remember next time you buy a piece of jewellery to ask for the origin of the raw materials.

Gold heart Fairtrade & Fairmined gold - Liqhobong rough diamonds

Gold heart in Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, 18 k with fair trade rough diamond disc

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If You were to Build a Bridge


Fairmined 18 k gold

Gold pendant in Fairtrade & Fairmined 18 k gold

I you were to build a bridge that were to carry you and your family to the future, what would you choose as material for your bridge?

You might have come to a time in your life where the bricks that were laid out for you go no further, or you may have to take a turn that will lead you away from the road that was once known to others and still is, but that you can no longer take, because it does not take you in the right direction.

What would you look for?… and … What would you choose?

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Let Your Choices Make a Difference for Fairtrade Gold

Oro Verde, Colombia - Fairtrade & Fairmined Ecological Gold

Gold miners at one of the Oro Verde mines, Colombia

To all of you who are interested in supporting Fairtrade and the new standards for Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, please read this new blog post from Jeweller and Activist, Greg Valerio, who is one of the entrepreneurs behind Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and the work for making the Fairtrade standards for gold a reality.

Help us keep the good work flowing – Let your choices make a difference.

As a P.S. to Valerio’s post I’ll add Denmark to the countries that is now working with Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold, since April 2012, when my company was FLO-certified, as the first jeweler in Denmark.

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FLO-Certification – First Small Gold Licensee

A week from today, to be exact, on Friday 27th April, 2012, I received a long-awaited email from FLO-Cert in Germany, that my company has now been given “Permission to Trade”, as the first Small Gold Licensee to be certified by FLO-Cert.

This is what my company has been working towards since I first learned about the certification possibility (ultimo 2010) and since I in 2009 started working with the ecologically mined gold from Oro Verde, mined in compliance with fair-trade principles.

Transparency in the Supplier’s Line from Mine to Consumer

For the customer it is a guarantee that transparency in the supplier’s line is unbroken and that fair-trade principles are fulfilled.

No jewellery pieces to show as yet, but soon to follow.

Read about the work of the Alliance of Responsible Mining  to secure safe and fair working conditions for small scale miners around the world.

Photo: Ronald de Hommel – From the Oro Verde mines, Colombia

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The Necklace for his Bride


Beautiful necklace 18 k fair trade gold

18 k Oro Verde gold – fair trade rough diamonds

He imagined the piece around her beautiful neck, how it would shine and glow with her all through the evening.
And how, after the party, he would caress her neck while taking it off.
He knew that she would be thrilled by the fair trade of both the gold and the rough diamonds, and that she would love him even better for his choice.

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